Relining - No Dig Solution

We specialise in inspecting, maintaining and repairing conduits using state of the art no-dig technology, thus minimising the amount of disruption to the environment and surrounding area. We can provide Pressure Jetting, CCTV inspections, Pipe Relining, Root Removal and Root Treatment. Our Relining process uses state of the art technologies to produce a seamless and fully structural lining within the current asset, using multi-layer bonding glass reinforced plastic material. As a self-supporting, standalone product, the liner does not rely on the host asset to maintain its life span, allowing heavily damaged assets that no longer have sufficient static payload to be renovated.

One stop shop for trench-less solutions

Cleanflow Environmental Solutions has the reline solution for most types and layout of underground assets such as Sewer Pressure Mains, Gravity Sewer, Storm Water Systems and Potable Water, priding ourselves in being the one stop shop for trench-less solutions.


  • Bendi-liner – lining around multiple bends from 80mm dia upwards
  • Transitional liner – lining pipe that change in size without an access structure
  • Pull in place segmental liner – for lining a large area within a pipe, without lining the full length of pipe
  • Inversion liner – lining short sections of pipe with only one access point
  • Potable water – reline materials that are safe to use within fresh water systems that are approved globally





Safety is our priority - Quality is our standard