Our CCTV inspections

CCTV drain, or sewer survey is the quickest, most accurate and cost-effective way to inspect all types of pipes, sewer lines, drains, and underground conduits.

We have invested in the most superior investigative technology and specialised training of our team to deliver the best CCTV diagnostic and CCTV repair services to our customers. Whether it is a leaking, clogged, broken or misaligned pipe, we can detect the issue and execute the appropriate techniques to fix the problem.

Cleanflow Environmental Solutions have 5 CCTV camera systems. All CCTV data is downloaded onto USB or DVD with a full report using state of the art Wincan X.


Up to 600m of cable – Inspect 600m each way from access point

  • High quality video resolution
  • Ample of lighting
  • Pipes from 50mm diameter above
  • Vertical inspections, wet wells, access chamber etc
  • Zoom
  • Full pan and tilt for pipe joint inspection
  • Inclination sensor
  • Professional vehicles fitted with LCD screens for client viewing
  • “Green Power” system uses electric stored during travel


  • Chamber/wet well and pipe line inspections
  • Asset labelling for easy locating
  • Easy to view inspection from Wincan Viewer
  • Scores defects within pipe and produced overall scoring for easy budgeting
  • Can compile limitless inspections in one project
  • Produces easy to read reports with diagrams and photos
  • Records high quality footage taken from CCTV equipment
  • Information can be exported directly into GIS systems





Safety is our priority - Quality is our standard